Our Location


Where We Meet?

As you may notice by the address for our Sunday Gathering, we are meeting in a City of San Angelo facility. This is an intentional move on our part. We have chosen to be a portable church which lends to our larger vision.


Sundays @10:00
MCs meet throughout
the week


Sundays are at
618 S Chadbourne
in the Station 618 building.

portable church

Why We Do Not Own a Building


We strive to be “Lives Centered on the Gospel”. LIVES is the key. Buildings give us the ability to gather. Buildings have come & gone through the centuries, but the church was established by Christ as individuals making up the Body of Christ. We want to instill from the beginning that regardless of where we gather, as lives centered on the Gospel, we are the church.


Facilities can consume a large portion of a church’s budget. In these early stages of planting The Vessel, we are looking forward to the next church that we will plant and to becoming self-sustaining. Through allocating monies typically used to buy & maintain a facility effectively, we hope to achieve both of these goals in a shorter timeframe. This does not mean that we won’t ever have a facility, but for now we feel there are more strategic ways to steward our resources.


A question that we often repeat in our planning is “would the community weep if we ceased to exist”. One of our passions as a church is to bless the community around us. Being portable, we have the privilege of renting the facility we are currently meeting in & in a very simple way helping funnel money through a facility that works throughout the week days to support the senior adults in our community.