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A missional community is a family of worshippers tangibly demonstrating the effects of the Gospel in their own lives and intentionally declaring the Gospel to those within their sphere of influence.

In short, a missional community is a family of worshippers, adopted and sent.

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the bosque

When thinking of The Vessel, we envision a body of believers with their lives centered on the Gospel. To see this vision fulfilled, we are forced to shift our thinking from church being primarily a Sunday morning experience to seeing the church as individuals and families living out their Gospel Identities on a daily basis. Because of this, The Vessel is designed be a network of missional communities unified in their desire to make disciples who make disciples.

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We have a number of entry points into our MCs, such as Family Meals, DNAs and Third Places. Click here for an overview of our current MC times and locations. Please feel free to contact a leader for more information.

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[distance type=”3″][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”SUNDAY GATHERINGS” iconbox_content=”Not just a “fill-up” station. ” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”FAMILY MEALS” iconbox_content=”A meal shared with Jesus at the center. ” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”DNA Group” iconbox_content=”A chance to dig down deep.” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][iconbox type=”1″ icon_title=”MISSIONAL LIVING” iconbox_content=”Demonstrating and declaring the Gospel.” icon_link_url=”#” icon_name=”none”][distance type=”3″]