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In Your Wildest Dreams – A Study in Daniel

There seems to be a consistent theme in conversations today. There seems to be an amazement at the state of the world and wondering if things can possibly get worse. There is a preoccupation with the end of America or with the end of the world in general. And if this is something you’ve noticed, then there is really no better place to turn than the pages of the book of Daniel. Join us, as we remind ourselves of the God that stands outside of time… of the God that is rules and reigns over the hearts of man… of the God that enters in at just the right moment.

We pray that you and your family are blessed, encouraged, and challenged by this series, and that in the end, we can all say our lives are more firmly centered on the Gospel as we focus more on our sovereign God and yet that lead us to trust Him a little more in the everyday!

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