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The Household of God – 1 Timothy

Have you ever wondered about God’s design for the church? Why is it structured the way that it is? What truly is its role in our life and society? In this series, we are looking at Paul’s instruction to his son in the faith, Timothy, as he works to heal and strengthen a church striving to stand strong in the midst of a relativistic, misguided culture. As we discover that the church is truly designed as a household and this household is meant to be the pillar and buttress of truth in the midst of a confusion, we will be encouraged to live with all the more confidence and purpose in our everyday!

We pray that you and your family are blessed, encouraged, and challenged by this series, and that in the end, we can all say our lives are more firmly centered on the Gospel as we understand more of the of how the household is core and central to the mission of God in a lost and dying world!

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